I help doctors avoid burnout and increase professional satisfaction.

  • Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted from the demands of your practice?

  • Are you struggling with navigating the administrative maze of your organization?

  • Are you having difficult patient interactions resulting in complaints?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I can help.

The work of being a doctor is challenging, and long-term success requires more than excellent clinical skill. You need to be able to stay centered, calm, and service-focused under high levels of pressure. You need to juggle the often conflicting needs of patients and administrators.

Going beyond mere education or training, the coaching I provide transforms doctors. I help them develop high level emotional intelligence, relational, and self-care skills to match their clinical expertise. The result? They go from being stressed out professionals at risk of burnout and malpractice suits to valued contributors who are appreciated by their patients and their organizations and achieve greater effectiveness and impact in their work.

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